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What is Social Media?

SOCIALSTRAT works with you to efficiently and quickly develop a professional social media strategy in as little as 90 days, that delivers MEASURABLE RESULTS:

- Increase engagement and build a stronger "brand"

- Grow membership, attract more attendees and incease sales

- Deliver real member and customer value through your community

- Create a vibrant community of members / users / customers / fans

- Amplify your traditional marketing, communication and sales programs

We use real data and a proven process driven strategy approach that delivers results:

1. A professional social media strategy, business case and measurable goals

2. Online community management guidelines and policies

3. Online community manager job description and coaching

4. Integrated communications and marketing campaign

5. Guidance to launch your social media plan and to measure results (ROI)

Use the SOCIALSTRAT Social Media Accelerator program to rapidly develop and deploy a social media strategy and business plan for your organization.

Interested? Contact us at:

info@socialstrat.org  | Direct +1 202 294 5563  |  request info 

 Watch the 5 min. video & learn how to "accelerate" your social media strategy!