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SOCIALSTRAT has developed a leadership position in the strategic application of social media. We are focused on understanding the “why” of using social media, saving our clients scarce time and resources and making sure there is a clear objective.

We use data and proprietary research to support our professional grade social media strategic plans, including comprehensive social media use policies and training.   

Social Media Research – we have created original fundamental research into how organizations and individuals are using social media. More than 900 organizations and over 10,000 individuals have participated in these ground breaking research projects. The data and insights are used to help craft smarter social media strategies for our clients.  

Social Media Risk Management – Recognizing the need to understand the legal risks related to the use of social media, we formed SOCIALEX–The Social Media Legal CommunityThis online professional community includes legal experts from Apple, YouTube, LinkedIn, Newsweek, AOL, Yahoo!, Mozilla, Proctor & Gamble, Verizon, Target, Dell, McDonalds, Accenture, Electronic Arts and General Electric, as well as leading law firms, Bar Associations, law school professors and association general counsel. More than 1,250 attorneys have joined this growing community to date.

Online Community Management – Mr. Barkan established the LinkedIn Users Group for association and company professionals that want to understand how to get more out of their LinkedIn (and Facebook or private social network) groups. More than 850 individuals take advantage of this peer group setting.

TheSocialCEO  More that 3,500 CEO’s from associations, philanthropic organizations and corporations have joined the TheSocialCEO LinkedIn groups to better understand how to make social media work for their organizations. TheSocialCEO group also provides its members with a self assessment survey that produces a “SocialCEO Score” that helps the CEO understand how to leverage social media personally.  

Speaking and Presentations – We help senior management teams and groups to understand the business value of social media. Our presentations are business case driven and show how social media can deliver a sustainable and measurable result. We take the view that senior managers need to understand enough about the business case for social media to be able to make strategic decisions about how to deploy social media efforts. 

Social Media Strategy – We work with organizations to craft professional social media strategies that support the organization’s mission and overall objectives. Using a well thought out and tested process, we efficiently work with your team to craft and deploy a social media strategy in 90 days or less. This strategy work includes training of staff so that your team has the skills and perspectives needed to manage your social media efforts in a fast changing environment.

At a time when many groups are experimenting with social media, we help them to focus on developing a true business case and plan to using social media to grow their organizations.

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