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Social Media Strategy  -

Accelerator Program                                       


SOCIALSTRAT has developed a targeted program to rapidly design, prepare and deploy a social media strategy. We call it our “Social Media Strategy Accelerator Program”.

It is designed to quickly and efficiently take your team from “0” to “60” in less than 90 days, whether you have a strategy in place and just need to accelerate results or you are starting from scratch and need to kickstart a program.

Don't have a social media team yet?

Chances are that social media is already being used by your staff, competitors and customers. We help you to organize these efforts in a coherent strategy so that you get intended results!

Week 1 - Social Media Strategy rapid prototyping

We start with a full day workshop in your offices for your staff that will be using social media. The workshop uses our proven process approach to design your social media strategy. We will:

  • Define your key stakeholder groups and “personas”
  • Identify your objectives and measures of success (ROI, Members, Engagement)
  • Craft an “Intellectual Property & Content” strategy

Your team will be provided with resource materials and key questions to review before meeting in order to be better prepared. Our training will be customized specifically for your requirements.


Week 2 - Social Media Platform Configurations

Together we will identify and prepare each of the social media tools and channels to be used by your social media team.

  • We make an inventory of your current social media accounts and channels
  • We create a master list of the social media channels and tools to be used / created
  • We configure your social media accounts and platforms: * Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn group, Twitter, Slideshare, YouTube, Hootsuite, Google Alerts, Blogs, etc.
  • We will work with your "white label" social community, if you have one: *Higher Logic, Memberfuse, Socius, etc.

Note: You will need to assign a key contact person that is responsible for managing and maintaining the codes and passwords for all organizational IT applications and accounts.

* If you already have an existing account, we will review the configuration. If you do not have an account but need to establish one, we will help with the set-up and configuration.


Week 3 - Community Management Training

We prepare your team to implement and manage your online community and social media tools.

  • Create the social media communications calendar (Integrates with your Outlook® Calendar)
  • Social Media Policies and Guidelines (for Staff and Users)
  • Develop an "Online Community Manager" job description
  • Practice and role play the online community management and social media functions

We will work with you to develop your social media communications plan to integrate with your traditional marketing and communications channels. This includes making a communications calendar that helps organize which channel to use when (i.e. Using Twitter to raise awareness about a new event, a new blog post etc.).

Online community management is an important role that requires a foundation of sound social media policies and guidelines. We will help you to define the appropriate guidelines for your community.

In addition, we train your team on how to grow and stimulate activity within your community in a way that encourages strong member involvement.  


Week 4 - Launch your community strategy!

SOCIALSTRAT will help your team to launch the social media strategic plan and act as a guide and “coach” prior to and during your launch phase.

  • Review the launch plan, calendar and content
  • Test the various social community channels to make sure they are configured properly
  • Set-up your measurement tools and metrics
  • Be available to answer questions and provide advice as the plan is launched and users start to ask questions / add content

Inevitably, you will have a number of questions that arise at the launch phase of your new social media strategy. Questions will also be raised by your users as they start to get engaged through the new social media channels. We will act as your guide and coach on how to manage the questions as they arise.

But before the “go-live” date, we will check that all of your channels are ready and that your team has had a chance to practice and get comfortable with how to engage online.

How do I get started?

Our goal is to give you and your team the information, guidance and tools to successfully manage your social media strategy without the need for external advice or consulting beyond the initial project.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote and more information!

info@socialstrat.org  |  Direct: +1 202 294 5563

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