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Navigating Social Media Legal Risks -
Safeguarding Your Business

As the use of social media becomes ingrained in every facet of business today, protecting your organization from possible legal risk is becoming more complex.

Marketing, communications, customer service, staff recruitment and management, stakeholder relations, product development and market research all depend on the use of social media tools. How can senior management and legal teams make sure that your social media related legal exposure is properly managed?

Robert McHale Esq. will cover some of the most important sources of social media risk. Learn where you should expect social media risk, which laws apply, examples of how it can go wrong and what you can do to protect your organization. Robert will cover:

  1. Employee Monitoring, Screening and Discipline
  2. False Advertising
  3. Endorsements and Disclosures
  4. Social Media Contests and Sweepstakes
  5. Copyright & Trademark Protections
  6. Guidelines for Social Media Use Policies 

Who should register for this webinar?

Anyone who is concerned with the use of social media and how to manage related legal risks. Register for this webinar and you will learn:

1. What are the most common and important sources of social media risks?

2. Which laws apply to each category of risks?

3. Examples of where others have made errors.

4. How to develop social media policies that protect you and your organization.  

The Author and Presenter:

Robert McHale, Esq., is the founding member of R | McHale Law, a full-service, Boston-based law firm whose corporate practice represents clients on a wide variety of IT and intellectual property law matters, including privacy and data security, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, technology licensing, and other proprietary protections.

By leveraging his business instinct, technical insight, and legal experience, Robert helps companies develop legal strategies that best promote their business objectives. His areas of focus include general corporate law, business litigation, web/mobile applications, online marketing, new media, and Internet and e-commerce technology.

Robert is also the author of Navigating Social Media Legal Risks: Safeguarding Your Business (Que Publishing, May, 2012), a first-of-its-kind book which gives businesses and marketing professionals practical strategies for successfully navigating the unique new legal risks arising from social, mobile, and online media.

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Registration is just $149 per site license (one license per location, as many participants as you can seat). Includes access to a recording of the webinar and copies of the slides!

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