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What is Social Media?

Social Media Strategy - Accelerator Program!

Need a social media strategy fast? 

We help you to go from "0" to "60" in just 30 days!     How?

Whether your organization is just starting or if you already have social media experience, we help you to accelerate your success! 

We work with you to conceive, create and launch your social media strategy:

Week 1 - Social Media Strategy rapid prototyping

Week 2 - Social Media Platform Configurations

Week 3 - Community Management Training

Week 4 - Launch your community strategy!

(see detailed description)

Call today to receive a quote and to schedule your project.

Ask for your personal Social Media Accelerator Program:  

Direct: +1 202 294 5563 | info@socialstrat.org

NOTE: Custom projects and training available!


Events and Training

SOCIALSTRAT provides timely education and training on how to develop and implement a professional social media strategy.

Through webinars and Live Events, we help you and your team develop the ability to drive real, measurable results and ROI from your social media campaigns.

Through SociaLex - the social media legal community, we also provide information and education on how to manage legal risk associated with the use of social media by organizations and their staff.

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