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Case Study: The Brooklyn Museum

There is an interesting case study that was posted by the Brooklyn Museum about their social media campaign, what failed and why they are changing their approach. It is interesting from several aspects: It is instructive for mission lead organizations (as most associations are) and it highlights what can happen when you assume but do not know how your members are actually using social media. If you read the posting, the principles of what they learned about how their members actually use social media are the real lesson here.

You can read the post at: http://budurl.com/SMCase1

I also want to share that the association member social media survey project we just launched is already producing some really interesting results. For example, we asked the question about how members prefer to be communicated with and which modes of communication they actively discourage. This covers communicating by email, website, social media groups, newsletter, face to face, etc. The answers help to put these different channels into perspective, especially when adding social media as a new channel(s).

As another example, the American Bar Association estimates that approximately 45% of attorneys have a LinkedIn account. My own studies show that for in-house counsel specifically, the number is lower at about 33%. If you are one of the different associations or organizations that have legal professional as members for example, knowing how many of your members are using which platforms, and how they are using them is hugely valuable.

If your association would like to measure how your members are using social media and be able to benchmark with other associations, please read the description of the project at http://budurl.com/SocSurvey Any questions you might have about confidentiality and how the survey is managed are answered there. Participation is FREE!

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