What is Social Media?
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TheSocialCEO SCORE - How social should you be?

So you have taken the survey;  just 10 short questions to help you determine what is the right social media fit for you as the CEO of your organization.

You have already received your personalized score sheet with observations and recommendations.

Now what?

Now it is time to validate and calibrate your social media strategy against your business objectives.

You want to make sure you can answers these critical questions:

1. Why are we using social media (what is the core objective)?

2. How are we going to measure meaningful social media metrics?

3. What level of measurement targets will define "success" for our organization?

4. How are we managing and controlling social media related risks?

5. How do I know, as the CEO, that social media will deliver positive ROI?

The time for testing and trying social media is over.  Now it is time for business results.  And like all good business processes, you need a strategy and a plan.

SOCIALSTRAT is the official social media strategy partner for TheSocialCEO.

Services include:

  • Custom social media business strategies and implementation plans
  • Social Media "audits" to validate and calibrate your current social media efforts
  • Social media training, workshops, coaching and presentations
  • Social media policies and governance guidelines

Get a quote:

Request a no obligation quote to provide a custom solution that will deliver real social media ROI for your organization.

Email: info@socialstrat.org or call Terrance directly at +1 202 294 5563

* * * 

NOTE: If you are the CEO of your organization and would like to get your SocialCEO Score, take this short 10 question survey. In return, you will receive a personalized report with your responses, observations and recommendations. Find out how "social" you should be!


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