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LinkedIn pulls a "Facebook" - How to get LinkedOut!

Did LinkedIn just pull a "Facebook" privacy move?

LinkedIn has recently changed user privacy settings, by default, to give it permision to include photos, posts and related activities of LinkedIn Users together with third party paid advertising. Thus making the user an implied endorser of a company, product or service, without his/her explicit consent.

The actual text reads as follows: 

This change was made to users privacy settings without any public notification.

In an age of transparency and the need to trust the owners of social media platforms, this was a ham-fisted way of gaining permission to use (abuse) LinkedIn Users' images and implied affiliations in order to shift more advertising.

There are plenty of people that would love to have the exposure of being included in paid advertising that is served up to the LinkedIn community. LinkedIn did not need to try and "sneak" this new permission into their relationship with the users that pay the freight and create the demand.

When will the owners of social media platforms learn to trust the users as much as they expect the users to trust them?


Since this was posted, LinkedIn reacted to the negative feedback it received from its users and issued an apology and a change to how the ads display. However, all users are still opted-in! 

It is good to see that LinkedIn responds quickly to its users, however, the real right thing to do in this case is auto-opt out all users and ask those that want to participate in the program to opt-in.

There are more than enough people that want to share their interests that LinkedIn does not need to force the users into the option. It is this kind of forced sharing that prompts the user community to look for alternatives like Google+.

By failing to opt-out all members, they have missed an opportunity to do the really right thing and regain the trust of their users.

Read the official LinkedIn response here.


How to Unsubscribe from LinkedIn Social Advertising

If you want to know how to unsubscribe, the following steps describe the process:

  1. Click on your name at the upper right hand side of the LinkedIn home page when you are logged in. then Click on "Settings".
  2. On the Settings page, click on "Account"
  3. Click on "Manage Social Advertising to get to the page where you can choose to opt-out.


Once on the page, simply un-check the box and save. 


The Social CEO!

The relationship between a “CEO” and social media is an interesting one. For the CEO, social media raises two very important questions:

-          What does social media mean for me personally?

-          What does social media mean for my organization?

In both cases, it is becoming increasingly important that CEO’s of organizations large and small have an answer for these two questions.

The spectrum of social media understanding on the part of CEO’s runs from those that are skeptical of social media, do not use it and consider it a distraction at best; to those that are social media ‘rock stars” that have their own personal blogs and Twitter followers.

For staff within an organization, where your CEO falls on this spectrum will have a huge impact on your organization’s ability to effectively implement and leverage social media.

At a very minimum, a CEO today needs to understand at least enough about social media, what it is and what it is capable of, to make an informed decision about how his/her organization should be engaged with social media tools, campaigns and the allocation of resources.

Not every CEO will or should become a social media fanatic. However, because social media is now a major force in how people collaborate, make buying decisions, get their news and form decisions, it would be foolish to dismiss social media as a “distraction” or waste of time.

Many CEO’s today face a real challenge. Social media is so filled with hype and jargon that many senior level managers are not sure how or where to start. Uncertain about what is hype and what is actionable information. Not clear on how to drive or to measure ROI.

So the next time you feel like your CEO “doesn’t get it”, remember that answering the questions (what does it mean to me personally, what does it mean for my organization?) are at the forefront of a typical CEO’s mind when it comes to social media.

It is in everyone’s interest to get solid answers to these two questions!


Do you know of a CEO that would like to network with peers to better understand social media?

Join TheSocialCEO on LinkedIn (CEO only networking group)



New LinkedIn Profiles now include Certifications! Boon for Associations?

On 15 October 2010 LinkedIn enabled a new feature called "sections" for its individual user profile pages. This includes the option to add "Certifications" along with other elements that includes Languages, Patents, Publications and Skills.

These new sections add another rich layer of profile information that will make LinkedIn an even more powerful networking tool than it already is.

Associations should encourage all of their certification holders to include this information on their professional profiles. This will help to raise awareness of the certification and of the affiliated organization.

How does it work?

At the bottom of your LinkedIn profile page in the "Edit Profile" mode you will see that the option to "Add sections" has been added:


When you click on "Add sections" you will see a prompt that includes the ability not only to add sections (certifications, language, patents, publications and skills) but also links into other LinkedIn enabled applications.


Advice: We strongly recommend that associations inform their members how to add the certification to their LinkedIn profile. We suggest that you give them guidance on the exact wording. For example, to include the acronym and the full description of the designation and the authoring body. See example.

This helps to ensure consistency that will improve the ability to search for individuals based on their certifications. It is also an important element of your branding to have your members use correct descriptions of your certifications, designations, acronyms and organizational names.

Next steps

LinkedIn continues to add features that make it a valuable tool for associations in an overall social media strategy.

LinkedIn can be used to engage your members in a LinkedIn group, to search for and invite potential members to your organization, to identify new thought leaders, speakers and authors, to perform competitive intelligence and scores of other applications that deliver real results.

If you would like to connect with other users of LinkedIn to share experiences or to ask questions, please join our LinkedIn group for LinkedIn Users! (of course we have a LinkedIn group for that!)

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile yet, now is a great time to get one. It is free and you control what information is shared. More importantly, it opens doors for professional networking that will deliver real benefits to you and your organization.

Want more information about how to craft a social media strategy for your organization?

Read about our "Social Media Strategy Accelerator" program or contact us for more information.