What is Social Media?

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Social Media Special Reports


Organizational Survey  

We have surveyed how more than 900 organizations are using social media. More than 75% of respondents are professional and trade associations. Learn who is responsible for social media and what tools and platforms are being used.  


Association Member Survey

More than 8,000 individual members from 10 different professional associations shared how they are using social media. Use this information to benchmark your organization and help to craft a more successful social media strategy.


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Online Community Management Guidelines


How to develop policies and guidelines for the successful management of your online community.

Includes a list of suggested policy topics and a skills description for your Online Community Manager.

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SociaLex - The community for legal and risk management professionals


If you are concerned about the legal risks associated with using social media and are a legal professional or risk management executive, the SociaLex community is for you!

Learn more at: www.socialex.org





TheSocialCEO - If you are the CEO, Executive Director or President of a professional or trade association and want to know more about social media, this LinkedIn Group is for you!

TheSocialCEO is a CEO only peer group to discuss if, how and why to use social media in your organization and for your personal professional development.

Learn more at: http://budurl.com/SocialCEO






How to use LinkedIn to monitor trends and find information!


LinkedIn has introduced a new way to track online trends and topics called "Signal". You can refine your search for a key topic to within your network, 2nd degree contacts or the total membership on LinkedIn. The search bar has been added to your profile page as indicated below. Watch the short video to learn how to use "Signal".